About GeneSight


GeneSight is a laboratory developed genetic test that looks at many of
the genes involved when your body processes certain types of medications. It
is the only genetic test that provides this combined view to help your
healthcare provider know which medications may be a match for your
genotype. GeneSight Psychotropic helps clinicians improve the treatment
of depression which has been studied extensively in multiple clinical trials.


Benefits of GeneSight


Gives your healthcare provider important
exercise with too much weight information to
help you get on the right medicine


Many commercial and government insurance
plans, including Medicare and the U.S.
Department of Veterans Affairs, reimburse all
or part of the cost of GeneSight.


Assurex Health also offers financial assistance
programs for patients who qualify

GeneSight Stats

Patients using GeneSight are twice as likely to respond to the selected medication
Patients using GeneSight saw a 70% greater improvement in their symptoms versus usual treatment
Multiple clinical studies show that GeneSight helps guide healthcare providers with treatment decisions