Choosing the right professional is imperative for the growth that the client seeks through counseling…

It’s important to choose the right professional, someone you trust who makes you feel cared for and has the experience to help you become stronger and more self-aware to make positive changes in your life. “A good therapist is nonjudgmental, accepting, and patient”.

Below you’ll find some of the most common types of mental health providers:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Social Workers are training and experience specifically in mental health. They are required to have at least a master’s degree in counseling and 3,000 hours of post-master’s experience.

Psychologists have doctoral degree (PhD or PsyD) experts in psychology. They are also trained in counseling, psychotherapy, and psychological testing.

Psychiatrist is a physician, doctor of medicine (M.D.) who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental or psychiatric illnesses. They are licensed to prescribe medications.


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